The Beginning

Courier Workshop was founded in 2011 for the sole purpose of assisting Courier Companies with their Self-Employed Drivers and the Drivers with financial support. The time spent ensuring Drivers were compliant with the currently legislations and paying on average 50 to 100 Drivers per month invoicing weekly meant that another employee was required to process this information.

Research showed that Self-Employed Drivers paid on a monthly basis were having trouble funding things like Van Rental and Fuel Costs whilst waiting for their invoices to be settled. This would also then mean Drivers requesting Part Early Payments against the unsettled invoices from the Courier Company.

One of our founding partners James Halligan came up with a solution that would not only save the Courier Company these costs but would also save them time; ensuring that their Self-Employed Drivers could continue to provide their services.

The solution was and is Courier Workshop

The Courier Company is invoiced once for all its Self-Employed Drivers and makes only one payment.

Courier Workshop can then make all the relevant payments and assist the Drivers with Fuel Cards, Early Payments and many other services they may require.



The Future

As Courier Workshop develops so does The Workshop Group and there are now many more services we can assist both the Courier Company and Self-Employed Driver with.
Such things as Tax Savings with Trusts and Partners, Competitive Vehicle Leasing, Communication Solutions, Taxation & Accountancy Services, Energy Saving, Legal Representation, IT Support, IFA Services and much much more. Courier Workshop is aiming to become a necessary and cost-effective tool for Courier Companies and the ideal solution for Self-Employed Drivers.